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The DPC model of healthcare is revolutionizing healthcare offerings in the workforce. Employees need access to affordable healthcare services, and potential employees seek jobs that provide that access. Employers need to provide health benefits or risk absenteeism and high employee turnover, driving up overhead and leading to increased stress on the owner(s). To put it simply, the DPC model is positioned exactly where patient and employer needs intersect. This has led to a staggering increase in DPC offerings and utilization nationwide, as summarized in this report.

Membership benefits for employees is identical to benefits for individuals and families in scope, but employers can choose which additional services will be paid for through the business account, including whether to include the employee’s family members in the practice. Burkhart Direct Family Care works with Health Compiler to track utilization metrics including number of office visits, phone calls, emails, and direct text messaging, providing employers with invaluable information on how their employees use and benefit from the DPC service.

Small to medium-sized businesses owned and operated locally can contract directly with Burkhart Direct Family Care to begin receiving healthcare services. A sample contract can be found here. Larger businesses with a sprawling regional workforce can contract through Hint Connect to offer DPC services to all employees wherever they happen to live. Burkhart Direct Family Care is affiliated with Hint Connect as part of their larger provider network.
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