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The Legacy Physician-Patient Relationship Defined

The legacy physician-patient relationship is the cornerstone of sound medical practice. It is a relationship between the patient and the provider built on trust, mutual respect for values and boundaries, open communication, and the shared ideal that the job of the provider is to help the patient achieve optimal health and a rich, fulfilling life. Dr. Burkhart, along with many of his professional colleagues in the DPC movement, believes that the movement of the practice of medicine towards corporate interests has sacrificed the integrity of that relationship, with fairly devastating fallout regarding the trust patients once placed in their physicians, and public health at large.

In conceptualizing the legacy physician-patient relationship, Dr. Burkhart draws upon his rich family history in medicine for inspiration. His grandfather practiced medicine before patients had cellphones and email, before insurance companies and computers were commonplace, when blood work was read under a microscope and all notes were hand-written! Physicians in that era had their exam tools and their minds at their disposal and not very much else. A great deal has changed since then, but some things should not have, and chief among them is the approach to patient history-taking, examination, and healing. Dr. Burkhart uses all the tools available to him to achieve results that matter to the patient and affect their life concretely and directly. He views patients as sovereign individuals, respects their rights and personal beliefs, and uses that information to guide them on a pathway to their best selves.

Right to Privacy

Patient privacy is paramount to achieving optimal health outcomes. Patients at Burkhart Direct Family Care can know their private and personal information is safe. The Privacy Policy can be viewed here.


All patients are accepted at Burkhart Direct Family Care regardless of age, race, sex/gender, religious creed, or other personal beliefs, including those regarding the use of alternative healthcare modalities. This policy has financial implications as well: patients are not charged more for membership because of extensive past medical histories or complications.

Bodily Autonomy

Patients have a right to choose the things they do and do not subject their bodies to, including medications and vaccines. As an extension of the shared decision-making process, patients in the practice will always be able to choose how to proceed with management of their healthcare needs.


The practice embraces new technologies to enhance the patient experience and open new possibilities that enhance the physician-patient relationship. The elimination of barriers to patient communication is noticeable to all patients. New medical technology (handheld ultrasound for example) is embraced to increase the scope of practice and efficiency offered at Burkhart Direct Family Care.

Scope of Practice

An active state medical license gives physicians broad capacity to practice medicine how they choose. While the corporate healthcare model incentivizes providers to specialize, subspecialize, and increase revenue by generating more patient encounters, the DPC movement does the opposite. Dr. Burkhart practices medicine at the highest level his license will allow. Patients can expect his specialist referrals to be high-yield uses of their time and money.


Efficiency is defined differently at Burkhart Direct Family Care. In this practice the aim is to arrive at the correct diagnosis quickly, reasonably, and safely, with as little monetary cost and use of finite resources as possible.


Dr. Burkhart is personally committed to lessening the toll healthcare services take on the environment, especially in the use of disposable medical waste products. When ancillary services such as bloodwork are recommended, patients can be confident that only those tests that are necessary and will effect medical decision-making will be ordered.


Patients are entitled to know how much the services recommended to them will cost. At Burkhart Direct Family Care, great care is taken to accurately communicate costs in advance of receiving a service. Patients are also able to verify the costs of bloodwork or use of other supplies and products, should they desire.


A strong correlation exists between a patient’s physical/mental health and their financial health. It is for this reason that patient’s financial situations are relevant parts of their health history, and all the more reason why healthcare decisions are made jointly, with the patient’s health and financial wellness in mind. The lowest costs are always sought and delivered without sacrificing quality.

Healthcare Freedom

Patients have a right to choose their provider, and also have a right to select another. Patients are never locked into a contract term and may cancel their membership at any time without a severance penalty.


The word doctor comes from the Latin “docere” which means “to teach.” Dr.  Burkhart is and has always been an educator, and patients in the practice can expect to learn new things about themselves.
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